Chunlai Education Group was Awarded “2018 Education Group?with Model Influence”

 On November 27th. the Seminar on Innovating Education of Central China in 2019 and the Awards Ceremony jointly hosted by, Zynews and "Yu Jiao" was held in Luoyang. Representatives from some brand education industries, 47 universities and 5 education groups as well as some senior education experts in Henan province attended the conference. The participants discussed and exchanged ideas on the reform and innovation of education under todays social development. China Chunlai Education Group was selected as 2018 Education Group with Model Influence. Both Hou Chunlai, Chairman of Chunlai Education Group, and Hou Junyu, CEO of Chunlai Education Group, were awarded the title of Leading Figures in Innovating Education Industry of Central China in 2018”.

At the conference, the heads of the universities and the directors of Recruitment and Employment spoke up and made a profound exchange on how to actively learn from the notions, patterns and methods, and how to keep pace with the times. Chen Ke, the chief specialist of Zynews Big Data Research Center, gave a special report on the Response and Guidance of Public Opinions for the participants.

The organizers selected and awarded the prizes as the Leading Figures in Innovating Education Industry of Central China in 2018, 2018 Outstanding New People in the Education Industry, “2018 Education Group with Model Influence”, 2018 Leading Brands in Education Industry, and The Most Influential Vocational Education Brands in 2018 etc. Ten people including Hou Chunlai, Chairman of China Chunlai Education Group, and Liu Wenkui, Chairman of Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology, were selected as the Leading Figures in Innovating Education Industry of Central China in 2018; Hou Junyu, CEO of China Chunlai Education Group, and other three people were named 2018 Outstanding New People in the Education Industry; five education enterprises such as China Chunlai Education Group were rated as “2018 Education Group with Model Influence”; Nineteen universities including Henan Agricultural University, Henan University of Economics and Law, and Anyang College were rated as 2018 Leading Brands in Education Industry; Henan Vocational College of Applied Technology and the other eleven higher vocational colleges were rated as The Most Influential Vocational Education Brands in 2018.

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