Group Culture

Education Concept

Taking “strengthening moral education and cultivating people” as the foundation, persisting in scientific development, persisting in reform and innovation, adhering to the rule of law, taking the road of connotation development, innovation and development, and characteristic development, and constantly improving the quality of personnel training and social service.

Core Competence

Chunlai Education Group is a leader in China’s private higher education and has strong growth potential.

The quality and reputation of the Group and its affiliated institutions are highly recognized in the society.

Our curriculum focuses on developing students' practical skills that meet the needs of China's economic development.

Our unified and efficient management system is conducive to concentrating our strength on doing big things.

Our management team is experienced and recognizes the group culture and has long-term and outstanding achievements in the domestic private education industry.  

Social Responsibility

“To contribute to society and make society better” is our obligation. While the Group is committed to education, it is also actively involved in social welfare undertakings. Over the past years, the Group has always adhered to the philosophy of serving the society and giving back to the society, taking the initiative to assume social responsibilities and is committed to helping the poor and vulnerable groups.

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